50 Milk Street

a simple minimal specialty coffee gear and equipment to enhance your brewing experience at home.


50 Milk Street is a company of coffee people passionate about specialty coffee and all the fun gear and equipment that go with it.

Our journey started on May 17th, 2020 which was supported by our love for coffee. We like to experiment with coffee and collect a variety of coffee tools for our hobbies.

We realize that good and fun coffee gears were difficult to find for Thai people, then the other countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and the USA. So we decided to give the access to the market.

We are very picky about the coffee equipment brands we experiment with. We ONLY pick the BEST quality product in every category. We love to support innovative products and suppliers who make coffee gear better than ever!


We test a lot of coffee equipment and tools that are available in the market. Currently, our content is all in Thai, and hope to make one in English in the future. If you are interested in our content you can visit us on Facebook Page .

We are also the Official Authorized Reseller of:

  • Holzklotz

  • Warmgrey Tail

  • Orea

  • KINTO Thailand

  • Fellow Thailand

  • KINU Grinder

  • AeroPress

  • Melodrip